‘Randy’s relationships will be invaluable in helping advance the banking industry that serves Illinois’ Main Streets’

Council for Sound Tax Policy Chairman Peter Prickett issued the following statement, welcoming Randy Hultgren to the Illinois Bankers Association. Hultgren, who served in Congress from 2011-2019 representing Illinois’ 14th congressional district, will start with the IBA on April 6 and assume the role of president and CEO on July 1:

“Randy is uniquely positioned for this leadership role and we congratulate the Illinois Bankers Association,” said Prickett. “As a former member of congress and state legislator with experience in the banking and financial industry, Randy understands all sides of the issues and recognizes the financial challenges we face. From the halls of Congress to the Capitol in Springfield, Randy’s reach is extensive and his relationships with community banks, stakeholders, and the hardworking taxpayers of Illinois will be invaluable in helping advance the banking industry that serves Main Street businesses, families, and farmers.”

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The Council for Sound Tax Policy (CSTP) was established as an authority on banking and financial policy, making it the go-to think tank for national banking associations, elected officials, the media, and other stakeholders in the debate over financial policy. The Council is dedicated to the promotion of tax policies that adhere to the principles of simplicity, transparency, neutrality, stability and economic liberty. Their focus is to encourage policies that improve economic growth while facilitating sound federal and state tax policy. 

Illinois members of the CSTP board include Aimee Winebaugh, who is the Director of Government Relations at the Illinois Bankers Association; and Bill Gleason, President of Leaders Bank in Oak Brook, Ill. Other members include Rose Oswald Poels, who is President and CEO of the Wisconsin Bankers Association; Mike Semmann, the Executive Vice President/Chief Operations Officer of the WBA; and Prickett, who retired as CEO and President at First National Bank – Fox Valley in Neenah, Wis.

CSTP is a nonprofit organization under the Internal Revenue Code, which has been formed to research, inform policy discussions, and advocate for meaningful tax reforms that protect taxpayers.